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The ability to please your man can extend far beyond your prowess in the bedroom. If your man is happy with you he is less likely to stray from the relationship in an attempt to find satisfaction. Contrary to popular belief not all men want raunchy, trashy sex (at least not all the time.) Most men like women who will care for their most basic needs in an extraordinary way. This may sound too simple but men are in no way simple. Men by nature are more logical thinkers. Their emotions are controlled and contained, their social lives are at times scheduled and predictable, and their sexual lives are largely dependent on their emotions. A man who has a hearty sexual life is usually in control of the situations and circumstances around him. Calculated and deliberate decisions of whom to keep in your life, when, and for how long are a surefire sign that you have control over your social life. When you take all of this into account pleasing such a complex creature may seem like a daunting task.
The process of pleasing your man can be broken down into three simple actions- tune him in, turn him on, turn him out. Let's start first with tuning your man in by grabbing his attention. Whether your man loves football, basketball, soccer, golf or bowling, most men like at least one sport. Let your man have his space and his time to enjoy the things he finds important, and you open him up to spend his remaining free time with you. Tuning him in is not a difficult process you just have to be diligent in keeping his attention once you have it. Make him feel like there is no one else in the world he'd rather be with. Let him know there is no one else in this world that you'd rather be around. Make him feel wanted and let him know that you adore him. Give him a part of you that no one else has had.

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