Has the flames went out in your romance ? Relight the Spark with hot tips!

About the Author


Adriese Love


is a popular amusing activist for love who believers love should last forever, if the love is dying their are at least 69 ways to resparkle  your love relationship.

 says every man, need a copy of this book, make sure you have this book sitting on your cocktail table for every female that passing your front door, will know this book is basic love instructions with 69 tips how to please you.  

also says, every woman wants to know ways of pleasing her man, It is easy if you think about it and learn the inner person that you are in love with. If you have no clue about what you can do to please him, every day of your life, simply ask him? Communication, is key factor, there are many ways of communication, find the one special communication wheter it be sex, food, touching, talking, entertainment,  hiking, cooking, that one thing is the key that unlocks simple love forever.  Getting physical tends to tighten the bond in a relationship so make more sex a part of your plan. Note that if it's not done daily that is alright just so it is done several times during the week.

You can simply please your man by touching him. The holding of the hands, a massage of the neck and chest. Touching and calling him sweet names are all a part of having a even closer bond with your man and that leads to great nights. Serve him dinner once in a while literally on a silver platter let him know he is special and catering to him will show that. 

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